Hypergrid to Go

Hypergrid to Go is a Hypergrid-enabled OpenSim virtual world server, packaged as a self-contained virtual appliance. With OpenSim, you can create a multi-user 3D world similar to Second Life. Hypergrid connectivity lets users jump (“teleport”) between your server and others. A ready-to-use, fully customizable world and a large asset library are included.

Hypergrid to Go: first login
Hypergrid to Go 1.900.1 running in VirtualBox on Windows 10

As explained here, I recommend running Hypergrid to Go as a virtual machine in a hypervisor like VirtualBox or QEMU (both freely available for Windows, Mac and Linux), VMware Workstation Player (Windows, Linux) or Hyper-V (Windows).


Hypergrid to Go is distributed as a raw disk image (.raw) which can be converted to a variety of virtual disk formats.

You can download the xz-compressed disk image (.raw.xz) here.

The current version (1.900.1) is based on openSUSE Leap 42.3 and OpenSim 0.9 (Diva distro r09000).


Once downloaded, the compressed .raw.xz file needs to be unpacked. An easy way to do this on Windows, Mac and Linux is with e7z. On Windows, you can also use WinZip.

If you live on the *nix command line, you probably know all about unxz already; just remember to use the -k modifier if you want to keep the downloaded .raw.xz file as backup.


One more step is needed to turn the extracted .raw image into a usable virtual disk. The details depend on your choice of hypervisor.

The .raw image can be deleted once the virtual disk has been created (but do keep the .raw.xz as backup).


Create a new virtual machine for your hypervisor (Machine | New in VirtualBox Manager, “Create a New Virtual Machine” in VMware Workstation Player etc.) with the following properties:

Do not create a new hard disk (or, if you did, remove it). Instead, choose the option to use an existing hard disk and select the virtual disk which you created from the downloaded .raw image.



Hypergrid to Go: first login
Hypergrid to Go: first login

Have fun!

Tommy Anderberg
February 5, 2018